Problems with adds to courses

If I open a collection and copy the link it is: Login - LingQ

Unfortunately the link for the add on a course has to be: Login - LingQ

I know that this has worked before. I figured out this problem last week.

Thanks for the report, Vera. We’ll see what can be done to fix this.

This should now be fixed. Let us know if you notice any more problems.

Thank you Alex, this works now in FF and Chrome.

In IE 8 I’ve got an interesting problem: I cannot copy the URL by the right mouse click. I miss this point in the offered options.

Thanks for the heads up. I see this is an issue, so we will look at getting this corrected. In the meantime, I recommend using another browser to do this.

I’m constantly changing the browser because all has it goods and bads. This is very inconvenient but as long as none of the browser suits all my needs … what should I do …

You use the site much more extensively than most of our users, so you’re bound to come across more bugs than the average user. We definitely appreciate your bug reports, as they help us to refine the overall site, it’s just unfortunate that you have to come across these flaws so much more often than the average user.

From what I’ve seen, Firefox seems to work the best overall, so you might want to stick to it. It seems to go in this order: Firefox, Safari, Chrome, then Internet Explorer. A lot of the issues are browser related, as Chrome and Internet Explorer (the older versions especially) have worse JavaScript performance, and since the site is so heavily dependant upon JavaScript, the issues are more noticeable in these two browsers. We spend a significant amount of time trying to optimize the site for all browsers, but it’s difficult when there are so many different browsers, so many versions of each browser and such a wide array of computers running these browsers.

Alex, I don’t report these problems for my own purposes. I’ve allways the new users in mind that come for the first time to LingQ with Internet Explorer. What do you think will they think about LingQ? That is the problem. Not that I figure out these problems. The reality is that you’ll not get all users to use FF. And I cannot imagine that you want make the website for FF users only.

We do the best we can with our limited resources. It’s great to have members like yourself who can keep an eye out for us for any bugs that we miss. Our QA department is not extensive, so it is inevitable that we will miss some things.
I’m simply saying that from what I’ve seen Firefox tends to work the best with LingQ. Not all browsers will offer the same experience, so for users looking for the best experience, Firefox is the way to go. We will, of course, continue to support all major browsers to the best of our ability.

Vera, we do not develop our site so that it works best in Firefox. We develop our site for all browsers. In fact, we spend more time trying to get our site to work properly in Internet Explorer than for any other browser because of IE’s inferior non-standard capabilities. We recognize that IE users still make up a significant proportion of internet users and that we have to make their experience on our site as good as possible. We appreciate your feedback about IE and do our best to fix these issues.