Problems with 90 -day challenge

Hello all, I do not know but I have problems in order to start the challenge. I cannot do it.
Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance

Hi moredi,
It’s great to hear that you are interested to start the 90-Day Challenge.
Head on the Challenges page (LingQ Challenges) to start. Good luck and let us know if you have any questions!

There looks like there may be a problem with the 90-Day Challenge sign up function. Sorry about that. We are looking into it.

You know, I can’t see my stats for my 90 day challenge at the moment. They have all been zeroed.

I am also unable to see my stats for my 90 day challenge.

ditto. Was trying to look up how many words I need to write for my challenge but the numbers remain those of the previously selected time frame even when 90dc is selected.

Same here.

Hi everyone,
90-Day Challenge should be working properly again. Our apologies for that issue!

The small issue I described is still there. Numbers and and progress bars don’t show for 90dc. It stays with the previously selected period.

I am still not able to see the stats for my 90-day challenge.

Sorry about that everyone. We will take a look into this and hopefully it will be fixed soon.