Problems Uploading MP3 Audio files to Lessons

Hi Everyone. I am having some problems when I upload my private content. For example I have purchased some Russian Podcasts with transcripts and I’ve noticed that some of the audio files will not upload. It’s strange because they all play without fail on my main PC. Any advice? Or can I ‘clean’ the MP3 in any way to try and re-upload again? Thank you in advance. Paul

Not sure, but maybe they are too long?? How long is the audio? I think there is a limit. I’m just not sure what.

I agree with ericb100. The files are probably just too big. The work-around is to either split or compress the mp3s that you’ve downloaded from the pay site before you load them into LingQ. Personally, I use WavePad to split files, & that works for me.

The audio files are approx 25 min long. But I have previously uploaded 45minute mp3 files so it can’t be the file size. I did email LingQ support but very oddly received no reply. Would appreciate one of the admins pinning this message to technical support

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@Paulioso I did reply to your email, please take a look and respond there. We’ll figure out what’s going on with the files you are trying to import. Thanks!

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Zoran, if you do (figure out what’s going on), can you post the solution up here, too?

Hi Zoran - I really appreciate you reaching out to me here. I have responded to your email. Look forward to your response.

Are you using Firefox? I’ve reported a bug where larger mp3’s will not upload when using Firefox. I reported this bug months ago and it has not yet been fixed (or even acknowledged).

Same same.

Hi no - I’m using Google Chrome