Problems updating a lesson with number of words

I wanted to update a lesson with exactly 1184 words because of a slight spelling mistake.

I got “This text is longer than words and will be automatically split into parts”

Has the number of words per lesson again been reduced ?

I have this problem with every lesson. I cannot make changes in the text without that warning. I’ve tested it with private lessons only so far.

Hi Vera,
Thanks for letting us know about this.
After you get a warning , and you confirm it on OK, are changes you’ve made saved?

It seems to work if I click on OK, but I think the message is misleading.

I’ve gotten the same warning-- kept warning me it was going to split the lesson (even though it clearly was below 2000 words).

I ending up taking the plunge (and saving anyway) but it DID NOT split the lesson any further. So i concur with you-- the message is misleading.


Thanks for additional informations here. I did noticed this misleading message too, we will fix it.