Problems searching the library

This problem has existed for quite some time, but for some reason I never brought it up. If I search for Russian lessons over 20 min, 14 lessons appear. The only button selected is the >20 min.

I notice one of those lessons is “Эхо Москвы”, so I select the words “Эхо Москвы”, and about 30 lessons appear, with additional page numbers on the bottom which make me think there are hundreds of lessons.

Error 1 - More than 20 of the 30 lessons on this first page are over 20 min long. Compare that to 14 in the first search.
Error 2 - Selecting the additional page numbers on the bottom does nothing.

You have stuff buried away in the library that I don’t know how to get to. Does anybody? You’ve got a strange and complicated search engine that doesn’t work well, if at all. It’s a shame all that good material you’ve so painstakingly gathered can’t be accessed.

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Yes, long time problem.

Also, searching by recently shared lessons is completely broken, used to work accurately 3 or 4 years ago, however. Then there used to be a secret trick to search recently shared 2 years ago. Now impossible to accurately search recently shared. So the software is going backwards in this regard.

Many posts have been made regarding this over the years.

Hi again! =))

But why do not you head over to their original web site? I use their sort of podcast service rather often, and nearly all of their programs are also recorded as videos that are also accessible from their web site! =)))

Believe it or not, pauler, but…people would actually like to use lingq.

You should give it a go sometime!


Hi ! =)))

I do see the point! =)) What I mean is, the source texts are on their original web site, anyway! =)) So, at least the sourse audio and transcript is always available and accessible! :wink:

I sometimes download their podcasts to listen to while I walk, although I’ve never read along. But I’m reporting a problem here, as this is a support forum. I’d like to see this fixed.

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Hi ! =))

These are just a few of them! :wink:

These are not my search results, it’s the author of these lessons who sent the links to me! :wink:

МОЯ МОСКВА - Эхо Москвы - LingQ Language Library Advanced level В КРУГЕ СВЕТА '(Ma) "В круге света"- радио Эхо Москвы 2014 - LingQ Language Library СВОИМИ ГЛАЗАМИ (Me) СВОИМИ ГЛАЗАМИ - 2014 - Эхо Москвы - LingQ Language Library ОБЛОЖКА - 1 (Me) "Обложка" - 1 - радио Эхо Москвы 2014 - LingQ Language Library 2014 - Эхо Москвы (V) Эхо Москвы – 2014 год - LingQ Language Library ГОРОД ОТ УМА (V) ГОРОД ОТ УМА - 2014 - Эхо Москвы - LingQ Language Library БЕЗ ДУРАКОВ (S) Без дураков - 2014 - Эхо Москвы. - LingQ Language Library ДОРОЖНАЯ КАРТА (D) Дорожная карта – радио Эхо Москвы (2014) - LingQ Language Library 96 страниц (1 / mois) 96 страниц - Эха Москвы - LingQ Language Library БУДЕМ ЗДОРОВЫ (J / ~ 1/mois) "Будем здоровы" – радио Эхо Москвы 2014 - LingQ Language Library ТАБЕЛЬ О РАНГАХ (1 … 3 / mois) ТАБЕЛЬ О РАНГАХ - LingQ Language Library ОТКРЫВАШКА (D) - l’émission n’est plus transcrite hélas … ОТКРЫВАШКА - 2014 - Эхо Москвы - LingQ Language Library

The purpose of this thread is to let lingq programmers know that there is a problem, so that they can fix it. Feel free start a different thread to provide links to existing lessons.

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Hi ! =))

I actually did this for you, for as you might probably guess, I listened to them at the moment they were actually aired, and, no, I really do not need any transcripts as this is exactly what I’ve been doing for a very long time myself, for both languages! :wink:

Thanks for reporting this! I’ve checked it and looks like you’re right. I’ll report this right away, and we will try to fix this as soon as possible.

Just an update about this. This issue is related to trying to keep search from being too slow. Solution for this (obviously not the best one) was limiting the results that are searched and therefore that are displayed. It is something we do need to improve, hopefully as soon as possible!

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Cute smileys. I don’t understand - I thought you were a Russian native speaker. What 2 languages are you talking about?

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Thanks for your response. Are both of the issues I brought up related to this?

Yep, you’re right, Russian is my native, true that! =)) When I’m talking about transcripts in both languages, I mean Russian AND English! :wink:

Yes they are.Thanks again for reminding us about this issues!