Problems purchasing extra points

I tried to buy points and according to the website, my credit card was declined. When I called my bank, they said Lingq was requiring more verification of my identity (this also happened once before - is it common?). The bank pre-authorized the purchase and when I re-attempted to purchase the points, the transaction appeared to go through.

However, I did get a “500” error screen (like Naomi-Beatriz). My bank statement on-line shows the purchase, but my Lingq account does not show the points and will not allow me to sign up for a conversation. Do I have these points?

Hi Deborah,
I’m very sorry about this. We brought in some more verification requirements to try and prevent fraudulent credit card use on the site. Unfortunately, this is causing errors for transactions for cards that are already in the system. We are trying to fix this problem as soon as possible. In the meantime, your payment did go through and I have added those points to your account.

Thank you, Mark!