Problems on Android with Turkisk capital letter - i - I with dot

Apparently the Turkish capital “i” (“I” with a dot) is not recognized in the reader on Android devices. Words with capital “i” do not react to touch and creates a displacement of the markings of the following words until next page (see screenshot)(Lingq mini story 1). I have tried three different android tablets and one android phone all with same results. This does not happen on my wife’s Ipads and IPhone. Since there is also no “full text” option on the android app you have to read along this distorted text which is quite annoying. I looked up the internet about this capital Turkish letter. It seems to be a well known problem among programmers who have to deal with Turkish. But as far as I understood there should be a solution of some kind. Is it something that can be fixed? It would be highly appreciated. Apart from that - both me and my wife are extremely happy that we came across Lingq recently. We moved to Turkey from Denmark a year ago and have found it quite a challenge to find a good way to learn this very different language. Thank you very very much for this genius program and apps. Best wishes from Kurt and Susanne.

Thanks for reporting this! I will let our Android developers know and we will make sure to have this fixed.