Problems Loading in China?

Hey everyone,
Just seeing if anyone else is having loading problems. I’m in Shanghai. I’m able to see content text, avatar, forum posts, etc, but none of the tools will load (no cards, popups, audio, etc.) so I can’t actually create LingQs, review cards, or play/download audio. Everything was working fine a few days ago but for the past few days I get the never-ending loading symbol. It seems to work ok (but slower) if I run a VPN, so I’m guessing it’s a China issue, though it could also be the local network that I’m on. Any thoughts?


@michaelcorayer - Are you able to try accessing the site on another network to see if you have the same issue? Also, are you experiencing this same issue on all browsers on your computer?

It’s likely that it is a network-related issue, so the best way to check is by trying both another device and another network to see if the issues are consistent across either of these.