Problems importing YouTube videos

Hi everyone,
These past few days I have been unable to import YouTube videos with captions via LingQ importer extension. I use a Google Chromebook. Could my device be at fault or is the importer just not working? Does anybody else use Chromebook laptops?


Sorry about that, we are familiar with the issue and our developers are looking into it. Should be fixed soon.


Work with a project whose parameters are suitable for the imported files.
Sometimes a mismatch between imported files and the parameters of the project you are using in Adobe Premiere Elements can cause playback problems. For example, widescreen video clips appear compressed if you use them in a project that is not designed for widescreen files. Standard resolution files appear blurry if you use them in a high resolution project , I’ve seen this bug in

Knowing basic information about the imported file will help you choose the appropriate project settings. Right-click the file in the “Project” view* and choose “Properties”. The Properties window displays the frame size (image size parameter), frame rate, and aspect ratio in pixels.

  • For more information about the Project view, see “Projects / View Project Files / Project View Overview”. Adobe Premiere Elements Help.

To create a project and select project settings, follow these steps**:

Choose File > Create > Project; or click the Create Project button in the Welcome window.
In the New Project dialog box, click Change Settings.
In the Customize window, select the style that corresponds to the file(s) in question. (If none of the styles match exactly, choose the most appropriate one.)
Enter a name for the project and click “OK”.
** For more information about project settings, see “Projects / Project Settings and Styles” in the Adobe Premiere Elements Help.

Not knowing if a video can be imported is very disappointing

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Maybe you can use YouTube Downloader - Download Youtube videos for free! for import video