Problems Adding Paragraphs

It won’t let me break my lesson automatically into sizeable paragraphs as in previous versions and each paragraph is still so long that I’m unable to see the translation at the bottom in Sentence Mode. Is there any way around this? I’m using the latest version of the Android app, which is where I’m experiencing problems, however it looks fine on the larger desktop computer view, I’m just having to structure the paragraph lengths manually, whereas before, LingQ would do this automatically.

We are working on the sentence mode issue where you can’t scroll to see the translation. It will be fixed and will work properly in the next app update.

Thanks, I managed to separate the paragraphs manually in order to be able to view the translation, however the audio becomes out of sync. Is there any way to link the audio to the text so that when you separate paragraphs, it automatically recalculated the timestamps or will it not work that way?

Have you tried to generate timestamps again after you edited lesson?

That didn’t seem to make any difference but it’s since been working fine after the most recent update. The only problem now is translation; it won’t translate the paragraphs and when I add my own translations, it either scrambles the translations or confuses the original text from other paragraphs as the translation for the current paragraph. It’s so broken that I can’t even explain it. I found a fix, but it involved editing it from the “Edit Sentence” option in the desktop version, rather than the “Edit Lesson” option, which is where it was going awry.