Problems accessing the google+ hangouts. Does anyone understand this system?

I have been having problems with the google+ Hangouts. People indicate that they want to come, but I cannot see most of their names. I have invited people who are in my circles. I have tried to include everyone who comes to the LingQ page in my circles. When I invite my circles, some people receive invitations and others don’t.

I have been chasing google+ on this and received the answer which I will paste below. It would appear that anyone wanting tobe invited should make sure to include LingQ in their circles. Kyle of google+ says I should invite people individually but this is not possible since not all names appear beside the event. Besides some people are receiving their invitation and some are not. Maybe including LingQ in your circle is the solution.

I will also do what Kyle suggests below to ensure people can just join the event from the Event view of our page.

Lots of confusion. I would like to continue with these, and in fact have a Chinese one planned for next Sunday. I would also like to do a Japanese if there is enough interest, and perhaps another Italian one since the least one was not broadcast. And some more in English too.

Hi Steve,

I’ve worked up a quick work-around for you. Normally, whomever is starting the Hangout on Air would have to individually invite all of those who would want to attend. You can do the following to let anyone join; NOTE: this will allow anyone to join, not just those who you want to invite.

Start the Hangout as you would normally
Enable Hangouts on Air
Invite anyone you with to receive a notification (should their account setting allow it)
Remember: users have to have LingQ in their circles to receive a notification
Also, invite people as individual users (as opposed to their circles if you want to ensure that someone particular gets an invite (again, you have to be in their circles for them to get the notification)
Copy the URL generated at the top of the hangout window (see below for an example)

Paste the URL in the comments section of the Google+ Event with a note that users can join through the link.
I’ve just tested this a few times myself and a user can always join the Hangout on Air via the URL as long as the Hangout isn’t full

It wasn’t at all obvious to me where the “join hangout” button is. I think I worked out in the end that it’s on MY google+ page as long as I’ve been invited to the event (which I will be if I’m in the google+ LingQ circle, which I am). It’s NOT on the event page. If I click on the event I get the live feed only, which chews up my bandwidth and gives me horrible echo if I then join the hangout without shutting the live feed down.

Google hangouts could be a very useful addition to LIngQ (it’s like chatrooms, but gives us a bit more control and, er, visibility). It’s a pity that they seem so technically complex to set up and use.

I’m all for persevering with them, personally. Once we get a couple of expert users trained up they can help everyone else.

Steve,I apologize for not participate in yesterday of the hangout in Portuguese.
I also have great difficulty with this tool ,yesterday I tried all afternoon to learnw wiggle , but have not had much success.
I saw that I to were in the air, but I could not access the page of the hangout, and when I to get access you already finalizing the meeting.Here in Brazil this system is still new and we do not have the habit of using it, but now I will to try to learn.