Probleme with blue words

Hi, I’d like to talk you guys about a ploblem I noticed recently.

What I do is I click on the “I know all the words” button and then I highlight some words (at this point it’s easier this way) so they would get blue again.

The problem comes when I go to “my lessons” and I check that last lesson out, it’s says “no new words”, I click on it and I see that the blue words are not there anymore.

My account is a free one.


The problem is that selecting the word to make it blue again doesn’t change the word from “Known” to “New”. The only way to solve this is to create LingQs of all the words that you don’t know. There is no way to take a word that you have marked “Known” or created a LingQ out of and change it to “New” again so it appears blue.


And you can, of course, LingQ any white words, even if you marked them as known the first time.

Thanks so much for your answers!

I don’t get the point of using the lesson in that way. Why do you want to maintain some words in blue? What is usually done is:

  1. Turn in gold the words you don’t know
  2. When you are finished, then click “I know all the words”

Blue words are just words that the system doesn’t know yet if you know the meaning or not.

The thing is that I’m still have a free account and I’ve reached my limit of LingQs. I’ll upgrade it soon.

Te reconozco de tu canal, mucho gusto :slight_smile:

Lba, Nice to meet you too!
By the way, if you are planning to use LingQ. I would suggest you to update your profile with some information you can consider interesting to others and use the forum. People here have very interesting opinions about learning languages and other stuff.