There is a special offer - a gift of 500 points on the account page. But when I upgrade and enter the code the system tells me that the code is not valid.


Hi Katrin,

Please try again. It’s fixed now.

And what about the points that were to be awarded by the 3rd of June to members who had contributed? Were they ever distributed, or were there no points left because every member who had points used them?

Hi Sacadura,

There were points that expired on the 3rd of June. We have not paid any points out. Because there are points expiring every day, we are keeping track and plan to award points at the end of every month. Please be patient until the first week of July.

Oh, ok. I was just curious, because you first said the points would be attributed on 3rd March and then on 3rd June, and now that no one said anything I didn’t know if they weren’t attributed at all yet, or if I simply didn’t receive any.