Problem with writing on a word's meaning

I use android and the problem is that when I want to add a word’s explanation there is no button to get me to the next line! I had ipad and could go to next line but on android I don’t know how to start writing on the next line.

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  • You can go into the keyboard settings > Find “personal dictionary” > Add a new word shortcut. In the “type a word” field use the voice button saying “new line” to input that function. For the “shortcut” you can do something like “-n” or something like that. Whenever you type “-n” it will recommend the new line as a shortcut.
  • You can use the voice button and say “new line”.
  • The “notes” section on that same area in the app you could use copy & paste in the meantime.
    (If you have any questions or need help adding to the dictionary etc just let me know. I’m more than happy to help as much as possible.)


Honestly, I didn’t even notice that issue until I read your post. I just tested it on my Android and your 100% correct. It appears the issue is the android keyboard doesn’t have a “new line” function, which wasn’t coded in the android version of the LingQ app yet.

I’ve looked at a number of articles and so far I haven’t found a fix for the default android keyboard to get the return key “new line” function back in an app that doesn’t request it.

I’m sorry your having this issue, hopefully they fix this. Have a great rest of your day!

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Thanks for your complete guide.
My smartphone is samsung. I couldn’t find any of the setting you mention.

What type of samsung device do you have? You could also see if you can install “gboard” which is the newest and most popular one which is the one I’m using. But we can lookup the settings online based on your model type too. Does the copy & paste work at all?

Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.