Problem with uppercase words

when the text contains a word with uppercase that i do not know, and i add a lingq or add it to known words, its lowercase version remain in unknown words.

It creates a problem, because unless all unknown words are processed, it does not increase your read number.

Hi! This seems strange. It should be treating the words the same whether they are uppercase or lowercase. Would you give me an example of a lesson where this is occurring so I can take a closer look into this?

Login - LingQ word MURMULLOS created problem, i select move all the words to known words. but actually i wanted to lingq it. and i lingqed uppercase version, but lowercase version is in my known words list

Thanks for the additional information on this! Not to worry, only one instance of this word exists in your account, regardless of which letters are capitalized. You can see this word here in another lesson, all in lowercase, and it should be saved as well:

Thank you very much