Problem with Twitter- and Facebook-Messages (Translation)

If I add a translation it results in this message on Twitter and Facebook:
Ich habe gerade eine French Übersetzung zu einer German Lektion auf #LingQ hinzugefügt

This is a mixture of German and English. All English words should be translated.

Instead of “French” should “Französisch” appear. Instead of “German” should “Deutsch” appear.

We’ll look into that. Thanks Vera.

This should be fixed now Vera. Let me know if it isn’t.

Mark, it was not just a matter of the language name not being displayed in our interface language. It’s also a matter of structure. Now, the Italian sentence appearing on Facebook reads “Ho appena condiviso una nuova italiano lezione”, which is not Italian! An acceptable way to say this in Italian would be “Ho appena condiviso una nuova lezione in italiano”, but I didn’t find the way to edit this Facebook string on Pootle.

Would this message “Ich habe gerade eine neue %s-Lektion veröffentlicht” appear properly? I ask because of the “-” after the “%s” (without a space in between).

@mikebond, VeraI - In Pootle when doing the translation, when you see %s anywhere in the text, it is the variable in that text string - Therefore, if you would like the variable, in this case the language title, in a different place, just move it and edit the translation to make it fit.

Yes, Vera, I would think that would affect the variable. It is important that the %s not be changed or altered. It can be moved but must be visible so the variable can be input into the string.

Thank you Mark. I know how to use %s. The problem is that a “-” has to be without a space between the language and the other word if I compound them to one noun in German. I cannot use the language as an adjective because than I need a female, male and neutral version of it. Last weekend I’ve changed the way I express things but it sounds a bit strange. It’s the best I can do. Other ideas are welcome.

Have you tried it with no space? Did it not work? I’m not sure if it will or not.