Problem with the pop up window

Before, after using a pop up dictionary (mostly naver dictionary) I moved the cursor anywhere outside the pop up, clicked the lingq page and the pop up disappeared behind the lingq page, then when I selected a new pop up window for a new lingq, the old pop up page would automatically be replaced by the new pop up page. This was great.
Now, the old pop up is no longer automatically replaced by a new pop up. Every time I have finished using a pop up page, I need to delete the pop up by clicking ‘X’ at the top right hand corner of the pop up. If I click outside the pop up page by accident (or through habit), then the pop up page disappears behind the lingq page and has to be brought up again and be deleted before I can open up a new page.

Having to moving the mouse directly over the x and delete the page EVERY SINGLE TIME I’m finished with a lingq is cumbersome, time consuming and annoying. I have no idea why the old system was changed. This new system of having to delete a pop up when you’re finished with it is a clear regression, it makes lingqing more time consuming and less pleasurable by adding extra effort and difficulty to the experience.

Please reintroduce the old pop ups being automatically replaced by newly selected pop ups


Thanks a lot for letting us know about this!
This is now reported and our developers will fix it soon and it will work same as before. Thanks again!

I’m having a similar problem. I use mostly the WordReference dictionary and it opens in a new tab, and it’s a hit or miss. Sometimes the tab is replaced by the new search but most of the time I have to close it to search for a new term.

No problem, thanks for sorting this out!

Hi again,
Just to let you know that issue with pop up dictionaries is now fixed. Thanks a lot for your patience!

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