Problem with the new player

It seems that the new player has problems with “strange” characters for example the “ä”, “ö” and “ü” in German or the Spanish characters with ~ and so forth. Is there a chance that you change something for example the name of the files or optimizing the player? Otherwise it seems that there is no audio in a lesson.

I believe this problem has always existed. The player itself has not changed. Only the interface of the player has changed. However, we will see if we can resolve this problem somehow.

@mark - It would be great if you could!

Yes, it is really difficult for me to figure out which lessons have such audios. And what’s about external links? I’m not sure if they work.

We think we have resolved this issue with audio files containing strange characters. Can someone with strange character audiofiles, please give it a test and let us know :-).

Thank you very much, Mark! It seems to work. I tested 2 different lessons.

It works! Thanks.