Problem with the marking system

En español:

Antes de nada comentar que el sistema es novedoso y eficaz. Haciendo pruebas he hecho un lingq a la palabra “a” y la he marcado en amarillo. Luego he ido a mis palabras remarcadas dentro del panel de usuario pero no puedo revocar la orden.

Ahora cuando visito cualquier lección en inglés, ya no puedo interactuar con la palabra “a” puesto que parece que el sistema interpreta como que está aprendida.

In english:

First of all remark that the system is new and effective. By testing I’ve done a LingQ to the word “To” and I’ve marked in yellow. Then I went to my words remarked in the user panel but I can not revoke the order.

Now when I visit any lessons in English, and I can not interact with the word “to” as it appears that the system interprets as being learned.

Hi, I’m not tech support, but I’ve been trying to think of various reasons for your problem to try and help you.

According to your progress snapshot which is under your avatar on your home page, you haven’t made any LingQs in English or German yet. Did you accidentally click on the button ‘ignore this word’ when you made the yellow LingQ for “to”? If so, this is the reason it doesn’t show as a number under ‘LingQs’, or under ‘LingQs Learned’ in your progress snapshot. Try dragging your mouse back over the word “to” in order to make it yellow (then save the hint).

I don’t know if you’re not making your lingQs correctly, or whether you have accidentally clicked on the ‘ignore this word’ button.

If the system thought you knew the word, then it would show up as a statistic (number) in the progress snapshot under ‘known words’ or ‘lingQs learned’, but you have nothing there.

Also, when you highlight a word and it changes to yellow, you must remember to save the hint if you made your own hint, by hitting ‘Enter’ on your keyboard - otherwise the system doesn’t think you’ve made a LingQ.

If I’ve changed a blue word into a yellow lingQ (and clicked or saved the hint), then I can see my ‘LingQs’ number goes up immediately if I return to my progress snapshot and check it. Similarly, if I change the status of that lingQ from a 1 (unlearned word) into a 4 (learned word) on the right-hand panel of the lesson, the yellow changes to white, and my number under ‘LingQs learned’ increases (back on my home page). [You can see the status (ie. 1,2,3 or 4) belonging to any of your yellow LingQs by clicking on the yellow word].

Words that have a faint dotted line underneath them are learned words that used to be yellow lingQs.

Other words that are white and don’t react when you try to click on them, are words that you already knew. However, I can change these back into yellow lingQs if I drag my mouse over them, and click or save (press Enter on keyboard) user hint.

These questions I have done steve, but the pose you well since you are an experienced user.

No start get serious with LingQ system seems intuitive .

Hand would like to know if it is true steve learning languages ​​simultaneously correctly and deepening in the street keywords characterizing the country where the language is spoken .

Then pose questions as numbered :

  1. To use LingQ completely or at least to take advantage guess will be minimal with the 10 month premium . That for all that you offer I think not. So the student community thanks you.

  2. I am native Spanish thus , I think it could work and earn my premium membership. Or addition , collaborating with the community.

  3. Do we have a tutor to guide us in our learning process ? , Do we have some agenda or any particular guide even if you have to pay? I think the key is to keep track and correct errors regardless of student effort for correction.

  4. LingQ has enough support level or to face a certification examination or internationally?

That is, is the most important thing is to know the master dioma concerned , dirvertirte with him. But I think it is just as important in the workplace possess these certifications proving what we know or at least what a human resources manager will assess .

Without further ado , I hope to answer.

Francamente no comprendo la pregunta. Creo que sería mejor para ti de experimentar un poco más con el sistema. Yo veo que tú no has creado ningún LingQ como dice Julz.

This might help: Encontrar la palabra de nuevo en el texto de la lección (panel izquierdo de la pantalla) y arrastre el cursor sobre ella hasta que aparezca un cuadro rojo alrededor de esa palabra. Esta continuación, se muestra la pista en el panel derecho. Usted verá una fila de números 1,2,3,4 y una “X” roja en el panel de la derecha. Observe que la palabra se muestra como '4 ', lo que significa aprender / conocer.

Mueva el cursor sobre el '1 'en su lugar, y haga clic en él. El '1 'es ahora un color amarillo, lo que significa que ahora es un LingQ indoctos. Problema resuelto.

Sin embargo, tenga en cuenta que el número de las ‘palabras conocidas’ en la parte superior de la pantalla no va a disminuir (en este caso por una sola palabra), hasta que salga de la lección. De la misma manera, usted no verá su palabra en el texto de la lección cambio a un color amarillo hasta que salga de la lección y volver a ella.

Gracias, por vuestra atención. En breve me pondré a experimentar con el sistema. De todos modos, felicidades por le proyecto Lingq steve. Fantástico.