Problem with the listening count on IOS

I am currently experiencing a problem with the listening count in sentence and full page mode on my Iphone. There is no problem when I listen to a lesson straight from the playlist.

I have listen to a few lessons about 10 times each, but it seems that the listening count says that I have listened to each lesson about 20 times, which i definitely not true. I think it has something to do with the listening speed, since it works fine when I put the sound in 2x.

Does anybody know anything about this?

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Thanks for reporting, we will investigate.

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i can relate to this issue. started occurring since last week, both on my iPad and iPhone,

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any updates or ETA?

this bug is really annoying.

Sorry, we are still looking into this.

I think I’m having a similar/related issue. On mine, it’s counting each lesson as if I listened to it twice in my stats. I think it only happens if I’m not reading; just listening passively on ios.

so much hoped to have this bug fixed with the latest update, but no, no chance :frowning:

seems like the recent update finally fixed the issue. thanks a lot!

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Yes, should be fixed now. Thanks a lot for your patience.