Problem with the LingQ app

Dear support team,

I post this in the forum because maybe other users have encountered the same problem.

I’ve been having difficulties with the LingQ app on my mobile phone (android) since yesterday. The app keeps closing itself when I try to open it.

I’ve tried re-installing the application two times already without success, the problem occurs as soon as I log in with my account.

Hopefully this problem will be solved soon, since I’ve been using LingQ mostly on my phone the last couple of months (probs for the growing user-friendlyness of the app)

Kind regards.

I am sorry to hear that!
Which device and Android version you are using?

Samsung Galaxy A5

Android version 7.0

Hi Zoran, any updates?

Hi Niek,
Can you please contact us on support(at)
We are unable to reproduce the issue you reported on our end, and since nobody else complained, we will need some additional informations from you. Thanks!

Hi Zoran,

The problem has resolved after today’s app-update.

Hopefully it doesn’t occur again.

Kind regards.