Problem with the dictionary bubble

So I have noticed a little problem with the setup of the new dicionary bubble. When I type something into the hint field and then leave the hint field, the new hint is automatically saved. The problem is that when the hint is saved, the dictionary bubble disappears. I see no good reason why it should disappear when the hint field is saved.

This is a problem because I often get a list of relevant translations for words from and I often copy and paste a few of them out. However, after copying and pasting the first translation out of it, the bubble disappears as I am trying to copy and paste the second one.

(Also, it would be great if one could flag user hints within the dictionary bubble too.)

(Also, also, I pointed out a problem with on this thread

(Also, also, also, I have thought for a while that a cool feature of the reading interface would be the ability to easily search the user hints and online dictionaries for words that are not within the text. For example, there could be a little search box at the top of the dashboard that one can use to type in a word, which would then take up the dashboard in a way that is identical to what you get when you click on a word in the text. Anyway, just a suggestion.)

@ColinJohnstone - Thanks, we are looking at ways to better handle the dictionary! There are still a few refinements in the pipeline here so the issues you mention should hopefully be addressed soon.

Thanks for your suggestion as well! We’ve thought it would be cool to be able to easily add single words to your list of LingQs. As of yet we don’t have any immediate plans to do this but it is in our list of “things that would be cool”. :slight_smile: