Problem with the Danish Lesson Feed

Hi there, the Danish lesson feed seems to be littered with multiple importable lessons none of which seems to be the article that it should be.

There are multiple lessons entitled “Dig og dine Data” all of which are exactly the same when you go into them. Could you please fix this? They all seem to be from “Jyllands Posten” and it seems that whatever system is putting them on the feed to be imported, is importing the wrong part of the webpage. The associated pictures are different for each lesson but the text remains the same.

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That sounds like the problem I had for other news sources:

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Interesting. Did this happen with articles that were already on your feed or articles that you tried to import with a link etc?
Hopefully someone takes a look at this soon.

I tried to import it with a link.

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I right ok. Yeah, the problems I’m having with the Danish library are lessons that seem to have been automatically imported.

But it sounds to me as if in your case, the information about cookies get imported instead, too. Since sites in the EU need to have them, you’d think it should be a problem with many news sources.

I mean you´re right, that may well be the problem! Maybe someone will see this post so they can do something about it xD

I’m having the same issue…any chance the lovely peeps at Lingq can take a look?


I am also having exactly the same problem. As of half an hour ago, around two-thirds of the Danish news feed consisted of “Dig og dine data”, a generic prompt about cookies and privacy settings on the news sites in question, rather than the actual articles themselves. This problem doesn’t occur on the news feed for Dutch or German, even though these countries are also subject to the EU requirement for websites to prompt users about cookie policies.

If someone on the LingQ team could look into this for us - or even just indicate to us that they have seen this thread and are aware of the problem - that would be greatly appreciated!

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It’s quite disappointing the response from the Lingq team … Especially given for many of us this is a service we are paying for. I remember they used to be a lot more attentive and I understand that there is probably plenty for them to do, but this post is over 4 months old… that’s a little embarrassing

Very sorry about this. Somehow this thread has been missed. We will find out what is going on here and get back to you.

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It looks like the articles from Jyllands Posten can’t be imported so they have been removed. Hopefully, all else works well. Sorry for the delayed response!


Speaking of feeds, the Dutch one hasn’t been updated for several days now. Could you look into it, please?

Hi Mark, many thanks for fixing the Danish news feed - I’ve just come back to Danish on LingQ after a short break and it’s much better now!

May I take this opportunity to suggest an additional source for the news feed: DR, the main public sector broadcaster in Denmark?

RSS feed for all news articles:

Thanks again

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Sure, we’ll see if we can add that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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Hi Mark, just a quick word of thanks for adding DR to the Danish news feed. Greatly appreciated.

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