Problem with the challenges

I finished May challenge with more than 1000 lingQ and did not receive any message of success. Also I started a new challenge for June and even though I have accumulated quite a few lingQ, in the challenge I still have 0 lingQ. What is the problem?

Could be depending on the device. On my Android phone the challlenge section is faulty, I don‘t see the challenges i am subscibed to and have 0 coins in the ones I see.
On the Ipad I see the points or coins and the challenges correctly.

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@Cinderela You are currently ranked 17th in June 90-Day English Challenge, with 1412 coins earned since you joined the challenge. Everything seems to be fine.
Also, you were ranked 55th in May LingQing Challenge, with 1700 LingQs created across all languages. I’ll check why you haven’t received successfully completed challenge message.

thank you! If you will get answer, I will be happy to know about it.

thank you. the problem is also in the computer.

Also in June challenge I didn’t get any successfully completed challenge message. :frowning:

@wegwieser -Same here, my Android phone displays everyone incorrectly. Good thing I mostly use iPad and web versions to check my Challenges.

Hi Cindarela,
Sorry about that! We are looking into it and we will make sure you get both confirmation for completed challenges and badges on your profile.


Thank you, zoran. I have also problem with the English badget. I completed “Beginner 2”, but I didn’t gat any message that I completed it, and I have only the badget of “Beginner 1”.
also in Persian I haven’t levels at all and not badgets of 500 words, 1K words…

I have the bugs in all devices, Also in the computer version.

I also actually completed a 90 day challenge for the first time ever (April-June) and it has apparently not ended, as far as the system is concerned.

Thanks JDHallKY, we are looking into it and we will have it fixed soon.