Problem with the app

So i am an avid user of the mobile android app. but the last update made it almost unusable for me…
the app decides for itself which courses it wants to show to me and which it doesn’t… which means, i can only access courses that i have already finished, and not my own news imports or other own imports. please fix that. i love the app during my daily train trips, but not like this. By far the best feature of lingq is the import function. i need it

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Sorry about that! Please try to logout/login back to your account and that should fix the problem with My Lessons tab. We hope to release new app version within next 24 hours which will include some fixes for issues reported previous few days.

Let me jump in.
My wife uses the application which is a bit newer as mine. If the LingQ app runs in background, means if it is in the list of open applications, it wakes the phone when the phone is off.
It looks very annoying. Imagine, the phone lays on a table, the screen is black. But randomly the screen wakes up to remind about the LingQ lesson.
The only one solution we found is to kill the app. I don’t think the developers wanted to make the application always off.
Is there any setting to prevent such annoying reminders?

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@Ress, yeah we are familiar with that issue too, I hope we will have that fixed in the upcoming update.

Hi Zoran, piggybacking off of the others…I’ve noticed that recently if I “complete” a lesson in the app (click the “Complete this Lesson” action at the end of reading), I find that if I go back into the lesson it is still showing as uncompleted…Usually there is some amount of the status bar that is not showing green and if you click through to the end you still get the option to “Complete the Lesson”. Has that been reported?


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Hi Eric,
Strange, I can’t reproduce that. Do you have some specific lesson in which you noticed that problem?

Zoran…everything for me. I had been doing lessons I imported, but just to be sure, I tried the German mini story 13 which I hadn’t checked out yet. I marked blue words yellow myself and when I reached the end I clicked “Complete the lesson”. I backed out to the feed and went back into the lesson and the status bar on top which typically would show “green” all the way across, shows a small amount as white at the right end. If I then go through the lesson again, the “Complete the lesson” comes up again.

Maybe I’ll try logging out and back in again and see if that helps.

Logging out and back in did not help.

I’m on Android 10 (pixel 3a)
I have Lingq settings:

Dark Theme: off
Paging moves to known: off
Autoplay Text to Speech: off
Autocreate LingQs: off
SRS due: off
Auto grammar tagging: ON
Review LingQ’s while progressing: off
Auto add completed less to Playlist: off

Not sure if any of those could be affecting so thought I’d pass those along. I figure others would be complaining so maybe it’s just me =). Maybe I just need to do a reinstall

Please try reinstalling and let me know if it helps.
We are also going to release a new app version within next 24 hours, and hopefully that will improve a things too.

I tried reinstalling, but the issue remained. Let’s see if the new app release helps. The issue doesn’t affect me negatively since I usually mark each word known or yellow anyway, so the “Complete” doesn’t do anything for me per se that I’m aware off. It’s just visually a bit strange.