Problem with Text To Speach

I have tested TTS on Firefox, Chrome, Safari for iPad and on the Lingq app for iPad. With Chrome and the Lingq app, the audio output is paused in the middle of the text. In Firefox and Safari for iPad, the audio output continues until the end of the text and works.

I had already reported the bug some time ago, but today I realized that I don’t have the problem with Firefox and have just tested it further. The bug also occurs when I have recreated TTS or refreshed the lesson.

I’m a qualified software engineer myself (although I don’t work in the profession) and would be interested to know what the problem is. I would also be interested to know when the problem is fixed.

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Same here with Google Chrome on a desktop PC.

Sometimes this bug comes and sometimes it goes away.
However, it has been a recurring issue on LingQ for months
(depending on the language slot, OS and browser).

Better QA, for example, would work wonders here…

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Thanks for reporting, we will check that.