Problem with streak

For some reason my German streak went back to 1 today. It was a 100+ days streak, a strong motivation to keep up studying, so I would really appreciate if someone could fix this.

Another problem: the time zone associated to Brasília is wrong. Brazil used to have a summer time, but the Brazilian federal government decided to abolish it this year.

I think these problems are not associated because yesterday I studied in the morning in my way to work, so I don’t see how my time zone would have affected my streak counter this way.

Thanks in advance!

Not sure what would have happened there. Perhaps you met your goals while offline and didn’t get online to sync until the day had passed. At any rate, your streak has been repaired. You should be good to go! Nice work on the 107 days! As for the time zone, we rely on third party lists for that. I’m sure they will correct it in time. Thanks for the heads up.

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Thank you very much, Mark!

Yes, this is a problem

Congratulations on 100 days! I’ve had the same issue :confused: (Just with fewer days)

@londonAmanley2007 What problem with streak you have?

i have the same problem, but maybe my is related with timezone, i had done my lingQ yesterday but they are counting in today goals

Which time zone you have selected on your profile?


Thanks. As Mark mentioned above, hopefully they will correct it soon.