Problem with saving lingqs

Sometimes when I try to save a single word, it will only save the first two or three letters of the word and the definition and sample sentence. I can see the whole word in the sample sentence, but I find it to be annoying. I have tried to edit the original word, but the edited word does not save. An example is that it saves “ane” for anecdote. Is there any way to fix this? This also happens if I try to save a two or three-word phrase. Thank you for your assistance.

@Elzby1985 - Are you selecting a word and then clicking on it to see the blue pane or are you clicking on a blue word in the text? That seems very strange. Which browser and version are you using?

This happens when the word is blue. I am using Chrome Version 35.0.1916.114. I also have Safari, but I’m not sure if this happens when I use Safari. It’s not all words, but some words. Thank you.

Edit: I have just tried editing a lingq like this in Safari, and it did allow me to save the change. Maybe it’s an issue in Chrome.

@Elzby1985 - Hmm, what you might want to try is closing Chrome and reopening it or refreshing the page a few times. It may be something to do with the cache, so try this and see if it helps!

Thank you very much, I will try it.

Just as an update, I now use only Safari for lingq, and I have not had this problem using Safari.

@Elzby1985 - Thanks for the update! I’m not quite sure what was causing this, as I use the site in Chrome without any issues, but in any case I’m glad to hear it’s working in Safari for you :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that the buttom ‘Move all remaining words to known word list’ doesn’t work properly.
It is hanging for several minutes - at least I have no patience to wait for it and have to go ahead without this ‘moving’.

@evgueny40 - As noted in the other thread, this is something we’re looking into and hope to have it fixed soon!

A new problem that just started for me today is that when I click a blue word and then do anything other than directly clicking a hint (e.g. clicking the pencil to modify the hint, clicking search dictionary etc), the highlighted word in the text moves to the next blue word. You can still save your modified hint for the original word, but then you need to click off the next blue word and back on it again to create a lingQ for it. Is anyone else having this problem suddenly? I’m using Safari 7.0.5.

I also have that problem, jungleboy. Sometimes it will stay on a previous blue word and it doesn’t move to a new selected word.

@jungleboy - Hmm, very strange! We’ll get this fixed asap.

@jungleboy - This one should be fixed now, sorry for the trouble!