Problem with reverse flashcards (or translate French into French)

According to the New Learner Guide, reverse flashcards show you the translation, and you have to guess what the word in your target language is.

My target language is French and, when I translate, I do it into English/Spanish. However, in these flashcards instead of a word in English or Spanish, what I am shown is a word in French (my target language). So, as you can see in the attached image, I’m required to translate French into French ¿??? :

Are you sure translations for words/phrases you see in the Reverse Flashcards are saved in English/Spanish in your vocabulary? I just tested the feature on my end and everything seems to work just fine.

Yes, Zoran, for example, the translation of this one is in English (see image)

Thanks, I asked our team to look into it.

Hi CrisRo!
Can you please check the settings for the Reverse Flashcard on your side?
You can find them in Settings → Review → Reverse Flashcard
By default, they should be like on the attached screenshot.

I’ve set them like that. It seems I had messed them up, my bad. The flashcards work fine now.
Thank you very much, Denys_B