Problem with PONS dictionary

Hello guys,
starting today, I’m having a problem with the embedded PONS dictionary while studying my German lessons. Whenever I open it, the following message appears:
“Sorry, the page you were looking for doesn’t exist.
You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved.”
Then, if I type the word, it works. I had never got that message. When looking for flected words, it would either recognize the dictionary form or suggest me alternative words.
This happens both with the German-Italian and the German-English dictionary.
By contrast, I’m having no problems at all with the Polish-English PONS dictionary.
Could you have a look to see what’s wrong?

I have just realized that I get the same message even when I look for a word in the nominative case (dictionary form), so it must be a bug or something similar.

@mikebond - That should be fixed now.

Thanks Mark, it’s working again.