Problem with playlist order on iOS app

Hello, every time I manually arrange my content in the playlist I hit done and it all looks fine. Then I try pressing play on the first item in the playlist and suddenly items jump around into a different order. I have tried this several times in the past two days with the same results. is anyone else having this problem?

Sorry to hear that! Can you please email us directly from the app so that we can check your logs, and if you can include a screen recording too, that would be great. Thanks!

just sent an email from the app along with a screen recording as requested.

I had a similar problem on the website yesterday, although slightly different. I added a few lessons to my playlist and somehow they were interspersed throughout the playlist instead of being in a row at the end. I deleted them and tried again, and the same thing happened. I ended up deleting them, logging out of, and adding them again – and it worked!

Maybe if you delete the out-of-order parts, log out, log back in and re-add them it will fix the problem?

Thank you for your help. I actually have tried deleting everything and re-adding them in order and it helped for a little while. But then it started to happen again. I did not try logging out though, so I will try that this time and see what happens.