Problem with opening a lessons

I have a problem with opening a lessons. The left side with texts can open but the right side with creating a new words and lings can not open. I can also download a lesson, but I can not hear it (there isn’t option to click play button). That right side is “Loading” for a very long time and nothing.

Thank you

@Maja_Nestorovic - Is this happening for all lessons or only specific lessons? Also, does refreshing the page help?

Yes, with all lessons. I tried an Italian and English lessons and it is the same thing. I can’t follow people and a several things. I can’t go on exchange page because it is loading forever. Refreshing the page doesn’t help. Maybe is something wrong with my account?

@Maja_nestorovic - Which browser are you using? It sounds like there are strange things happening on your computer. It is not likely to do with your account? Do you have another browser you can try? Do you have another computer?

Mark, I tried with another computer with a different browser and everything is fine. I am using Google Chrome but I will install Firefox now on my computer.
Thank you!