Problem with Open Request

I just submitted an open request for audio transcription and I was not asked how many points I am awarding for the work. Here is the text of my request:

I would like to get a transcription from this YouTube interview with Cyprien. It is very very long. There are many video segues in the interview and I do not need that content …I only need the dialogue between the interviewer and Cyprien. Merci!

The request form is not asking me how many points I am offering for this request…I am offering 1000.

And how do you want the level of English to be?

The problem is a technical issue. The submission process isn’t working as expected. Upon submission the form should ask the user how many points are to awarded for the work.

I see.

I tried it a second time and the submission for appears to be working now.

Good Morning marutdc,

I tried this feature again this morning and it still is working fine. It must have been a one-time bug. If it happens again please let me know.