Problem with month subscribe

Problem with monthly subscribe


I have a problem.
I bought a monthly subscription through the paypal payment.
I started to use the site and afterwards I decided to disable the automatic renew.
Now my monthly subscription doesn’t work. Why?

Excuse my bad english, I am still learning.

When you downgrade, your membership level changes RIGHT AWAY (= immediately).

See Account Help Page: Account Help

I am sure the LingQ support will help you when they are in the office (Vancouver, Canada time).

Seems a bit odd to reduce the service despite of having paid the full months fee. Surely that cannot be the case.

Please read Mark’s comment in this thread:

It is unfortunately exactly as I have written above!

As hape says, if you downgrade, your account is downgraded right away. This is a limitation in our payment system which is tricky to fix. That is why there are clear warnings when you do try to downgrade your account. At any rate, I have manually re-upgraded your account for the rest of your month.

I must admit that the cost of the subcription fee is high enough to warrant that such as basic feature should be included. If you look at competitor products, you will find a lot of flexibility.

In fact, most users only downgrade when they no longer want to continue using LingQ actively. For the few like Ezechiele that upgrade and then downgrade right away, they can contact us and get the issue resolved. Often things that seem easy to fix are not since payment systems are actually quite complex.

Thanks a lot mark.
thanks at all!

I need to put down my account when the time is over?

When the month is over, the limitations of the free account will take place. The LingQs you have created are not lost, but you are not able to create new ones.

@Ezechiele - As hape says, your account will automatically be downgraded.

Thanks a lot mark :slight_smile:

thanks every one for the support