Problem with money transfer

I’ve been paying for the Lingq for about 1,5 years but now I got a message that money can’t be transfered. I tried to order the basic membership again but it still doesn’t work.
The error looks like this:
PayPal Server Error: This transaction cannot be processed… 15005. Processor Decline
I’ve been using visa and I’ve enough money on my account.
Thank you

@bazke - That is very strange. Unfortunately, we have no control over what PayPal chooses to accept or decline. All they will tell us is that the card is declined. You may have better luck with your bank or by contacting PayPal directly if you are trying to use a PayPal account. Another option is to use your credit card to set up a verified PayPal account and then paying through Paypal. You may also have better luck if you try to buy a 6-month or 12-month membership here - Login - LingQ. Since these payments are not recurring they very often do work when recurring payments don’t. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I finally solved it. It wasn’t a problem on your side, my bank created a new security system and I didn’t know about it and it caused that refulas of payment. Now it works fine.
Thank you for your time.

Great, glad to hear you got things sorted out :slight_smile:

I get something similar using a mastercard.

PayPal Server Error: This transaction cannot be processed… 15005. Processor Decline

I never had problem with my way of paying on other places, except for the times I did not hav enough money on the card of cource.

Any news on this?
Since you get this from several customers I think you should be able to push paypal a bit harder for them to take a closer look at this.

Unfortunately, Paypal can’t be pushed very hard by us. They are simply too big… :frowning: Please try a 1-time payment on the multi-month membership page Login - LingQ. Very often when paypal won’t accept a card for recurring payments, it will accept it for 1-time payment.

You have to contact with Paypal customer care for more details about the problem or error which you are currently getting , so that you will get idea about that error and they may solve that problem and you will transfer your money successfully.