Problem with linqing and dictionaries


I have two problems with the app. I am using Lingq 4.6.9 on an android 9. I can’t click on some of the words with apostroph. It only allows me to copy them so I look up the meaning on another app or browser. Also when I try to use Wordreference or Le Conjugueur it leads me to a page which says ‘‘Webpage not available’’ with an error ‘‘net::ERR_CLEARTEXT_NOT_PERMITTED’’ It impacted on my learning process so much. I hope that you can find a solution.

Best regards

Hi Erdemir,
We are already familiar with the first issue you mentioned and we will get it fixed hopefully for the next version.
For which language combination two dictionaries you mentioned doesn’t work?

There is a temporary fix for that first problem. See hdemunck’s comment in this thread.

I don’t know how it works but does. Most of the LingQ team’s content needs to be fixed, such as Steve’s book and the LingQ podcasts. Newer content seems to be alright.

Hi ,
I went back to android 6 and it solved the second problem. I am using english as dictionary language for my french learning.
Thank you for your responses.