Problem with lingq's in the android app

I’ve been noticing for a while that some lingqs from my lessons don’t work properly in the android app. I finally figured out what was happening, (or perhaps at least part of what is happening):

When a lesson contains a shorter lingq which is a substring in a longer one, the longer one is not used and only the substring in the longer version is lingq’ed.

I’ve created a few test lessons in my account to demonstrate this behavior. In “test 1” and “test 2” the website and the app present the same lingq’s. In “test 3” the shorter lingq overrides the longer ones in the app.

I see this especially when a single character lingq is present, and that character is used in other words but it also applies if the short lingq is multi-character.




@dcbaok - Thanks for pointing this out. It looks to be an issue with phrases not displaying properly in the app. We are working on some other issues in the app, but I will add this to the list and we will take a closer look when we get a chance.