Problem with lesson audio lengths

I think this problem has been reported before, but I will do it again anyway. I notice that the length of the audio for a lesson is often written wrongly when looking at the lesson from the outside in the library. For example, I went to me ‘Learn’ page and opened one of Evgueny’s Russian courses that I have been working through recently. I saw an interesting looking lesson and opened it. When I opened it, I realised that the length of the lesson is 12 minutes, whereas when I saw the lesson before opening it, I was told that the lesson is 15 minutes.

Here are the screenshots

from library: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life
from inside lesson: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

Ok, I just opened the lesson again, this time with the intention of reading it, and I noticed that the aledged length of the audio has changed.

Previously in the library it said that it is 15:31 long and in the lesson it said it was 12:08 long. Now it still says 15:31 in the library, but in the lesson it says 15:24. At least the two numbers are closer, but I wonder why the change.

Maybe I am just going crazy in my old age.

According to the iPhone app, the lesson is only 12:07 long.

Could the author upload a newer version of the MP3 file?

@ColinJohnstone, I’ll look into this, but I think Ress is correct.

I think in the past I have noticed this problem with a few other lessons from different providers. I just tried to find some examples, but most lessons don’t have this problem. A few are off by a few seconds but not much more.

Actually, I think a few years ago we discussed this and I think we found out that the problem comes if you upload the audio for a lesson, then upload a new audio that has a differentl length. I am not sure though.