Problem with iPhone app


Lingq on my iPhone 4S doesn’t work, when I tap on lingq icon on the springboard the app seems it going to start but after one second it crashed and closed.

Can anyone help me?


I have the same problem, and I think everybody who tried to download the new version. Alex wrote me, that they are still waiting on approval from Apple. Once Apple approve the App, then it will appear in the App store. Be patient.
I really love the app, I use it every day… when it finally will run again.

We’re really sorry about this. The app worked fine in testing last week and Apple approved it, but something in the app started causing it to crash only after it was pushed live. We submitted a new version of the app the same day, but it is still waiting on approval from Apple. Hopefully they approve it soon!

The new version has just been approved and is now available! It is working properly again. Sorry again for the problems!

yeap!!! It’ s running again! I really love this app!!!

now downloaded , yessssssss now is ok!

I have a question

I removed app and then I downloaded again before my post in the forum.
The problem is that I now I lost my playlists :frowning:

In the next release, why do not insert a syncronization feature?

:frowning: is really sad remake all of playlists :°°°

sorry for mistakes

@Ezechiele - When I updated the app, all my playlists were maintained. If you deleted the app, of course, all related files are deleted. There is no way for us to maintain that information since it is all stored locally in the app on your device. In future, we hope to have a synchronized playlist feature between the app and the site but that is not available right now.

Exactly, I would like to have a synchronized playlist feature between the app and the site.

I hope to see this feature very soon!
because is really useful to make a playlist on the site and after the sync see the same list into the phone :slight_smile:

Good luck! :smiley:

Thanks y’all!