Problem with import


I have a problem. I cant import new lesson, Im just able to write a name of lesson but there is no cursor, so I cant copy my text. I dont know why,because I imported many things before…I dont understant where is the mistake. I sent this question to support of Ling and they said, clean your cache and I did it and it didnt help. I tried to import from different laptop but everywhere is the same problem. So I sent another question to support and nobody answered. Does anybody have same problem? I will be grateful for every answer. ( Im sorry for my poor English)


I imported a lesson just now and had no problems whatsoever.
I’m using Chrome.

Have you installed any add-ons just recently? If so it may interfere with LingQ’s code. I had this problem once although I can’t remember exact details now.

oh, thank you for your comment. I use Microsoft Edge now and I was used Chrome before. So,problem solved,thank you again:-)