Problem with Examples in Esperanto

I’ve noticed that the lingqs I’ve saved in Esperanto don’t seem to ever show up in the Examples tab, and both Lessons and Library remain empty for all words. I’d really like to see how a given word is used in a larger context, so this has been a little frustrating.

That said, I’m using the Esperanto slot to work with Ancient Greek texts. So I’m not surprised that not everything works as planned, but it seems strange to me that a different character set would break something like the Examples listing. Everything else works completely fine. My question: might it be possible that the Examples aren’t working for Esperanto as a whole? Or is it because I’m using a Greek polytechnic font?

In any case, I have no expectations for a quick fix, given that I’m not really using the system as I should be. But I imagine that one day Ancient Greek will be among the options here, and I like to think I’m sparing the admins a headache in the future, all while building up some nice lessons to make public in the future. :wink:

You can vote for Ancient Greek here, if you like:

If anybody would like to help me get just 188 more votes for Romanian, I’d appreciate it a lot.

Thanks Mike, I’d already voted for Ancient Greek (and modern) on your poll, and now I’ve just added my vote to Romanian for you as well. Your Italian lessons have been extremely helpful for me, especially Cuore, which I’ve come to love. :wink:

Greg, thanks for your vote and for your compliments. I will try to make more lessons in the near future.

@gregf - Actually, the examples will only come from lessons that are publicly shared on the site, so it would be the same for any language where all your lessons are private.

That explains it, thanks Alex. Any chance that a third category could be added to the Examples tab, listing private lessons as well?

@gregf - For now we don’t have any plans to do this.