Problem with downgrading from premium to free membership

I want to downgrade my current membership from PREMIUM to FREE. Should be easy, I thought. But I was wrong. After pushing the button “downgrading”, I was offered several other fee-based membership opportunities. Understandig that lingq likes paying members, I patiently pushed the downgrade-button again and again, refusing all offers. But even after deleting all my imports (as I’ve been asked to), I was not successful. During the last step, when I finally pushed the button “delete my data”, I got the answer: “undefined”. What kind of mistake did I make? Or do you just want to convince paying members to stay that way??? Could you please help me?

Thanks, Katja

Hi Katja,
Sorry to hear that! We checked your account and we can confirm that you have cancelled your subscription successfully today. Your account will be downgraded to FREE level after your current paid month expire.
Let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Hello there, since this topic is recent, I would like to enter my comment here. At the moment I have the Vacation plan, but I would like to go to free membership. For me, in the Change Membership page, I only get options to upgrade, but not to downgrade from Vacation to Free. Can you help? You are welcome to delete all my imports and whatever other data I have in order to go to free membership. Thank you

@CrisSantos No problem, done. Your account is on Free level now.