Problem with doubling LingQ goal

I’m losing my streak (of five days so whoop de doo lol) because the daily new word count has two glitches:

  1. It doubles the goal. On 100 words/day, it measures for 200, and when I set it for 50, it counts it as an accomplished day at 100.

  2. In French, today especially, it doesn’t count many of my words I’m adding. I went through 150ish blue words, but it’s only counting 22.

Thanks to the tech team for keeping up the site! It’s been a humongous help for me in language school.

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Sorry to hear that. Are you referring to your Japanese streak? I checked it and your Japanese streak is still active actually.
Also, are you sure you are making all blue words you went through yellow? Note that LingQs are yellow words, so only blue words you create LingQs from are counted in your Daily LingQs goal. In case that you make blue words white (make them known or ignore them) they won’t count as LingQs, but will be of course counted in your Known words statistics.

I put my goal down to 50 on the tablet version so that it would count it when I reach 100 (doing the 90 day challenge with Steve for 100 new words a day). I’m only having this problem on the mobile app (I totally should have specified this in the initial post. Sorry!!!)

I am having trouble adding to my word counter in French on the desktop version. They are words I recognize, as they are conjugations of words I have learned before or ones from outside LingQ, so they turn white. Do they need to become yellow to be added?

Note that changing your Daily LingQs goal, will reset your streak so you need to start over every time when you change the Daily Goal.

All yellow words you create are counted as LingQs, but not the words you make known (white). So to reach your Daily LingQs goal you need to create enough yellow words (LingQs).