Problem with creating a "transcribe audio"-request on the Open Exchange

The problem is that I have to include an mp.3 file…but when I try to upload a file, the site tells me that it´s “checking” and nothing happens after that.

Any suggestions?

PS: I used Opera and Chrome.

Try cleaning your cache. It seems like a magical solution to most problems.

@Paule89 - Opera is not our supported browser. Sorry about that. For Chrome, did the @mfr’s suggestion help?

Nope. Still having the same problem.

@Paule89 - How long is your audio? I’ve just tested it with a short one. Also have been seeing “checking” for some time, then it has been published successfully. If the audio is pretty long, you maybe should wait a bit longer for it to be posted.

It´s 4:31min long and I´ve waited for an hour or so…hmmm…
The format of the file is mp.3@128kb/s so it shouldn´t be too big either.

hmm… that’s strange. The audio is not big indeed. Would you try Firefox just to see if the issue is related to the browser? Another option is to send us your audio file so that we can test it from our accounts to see if it’s something wrong with it support(at)