Problem With Coin Color

As you can see on The picture, I earnend About 18k coins im The Last Month.

And My color was the light Blue before and Now its back to This darker red.

Shouldnt i have the light blue Color accordimg to This—>

Please correct if I understood it wrong.

By the way I really Like This Forum, because i always get quick and nice responses, so thanks.

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Mine’s gone down as well, even though I have earned many more coins in the last thirty days than the number that are required according to the chart. I expect either an explanation will come or the correct colour will be restored some time soon.

mine has also gone down. I worked hard for that golden apple so i was pretty upset :grin: glad to see i wasn’t the only one

whats the point of the coins?

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Yes, same here. I am now ignoring the colour. It does not follow rules. I was also downgraded to beginner 1 after having already over 1000 words. I asked LingQ but I am not getting any responses. So, I am just trying to learn as much as I can without the gimmicks. You are important, not the game.
Cheers, Viera

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Just wondering – How do the activity streak colours work at the present time?

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Mine dropped as well but I didn’t think much of it. (My assumption was it was graded on a curve.)

I feel like it’s based on the previous ranking minus 1. For example, if, based on the previous table you had a purplish icon (2000 to 4999 activity), now it will show an orangish icon (200 to 1999 activity), meaning that the golden color is unreachable as for now (30000+ activity).

I was thinking along those lines. I wonder, “will LingQ will let us know?”

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I forgot to write the answer to this problem.

I noticed when I repaired my streak for 5k, that the color went down, so it is the coins you earned minus the coins you used in the last 30 days i believe.