Problem with avatar points and importing lessons

I haven’t received avatar points in a few months now I am aware that you need to lingq 10 lingqs in one lesson. It is not a major problem but it would be great to get it fixed. Another one far bigger problem is that I can’t create lessons it won’t let me paste anything in the “type your lesson text here” field. In case it makes any difference I have internet explorer 11 and windows 10. The problem with importing lessons started after I updated to windows 10.

I had same problem,Its because of Explorer you have to use another browser like Google Chrome

We are already familiar with avatar coins problem, and we will soon implement some changes here, so that you can receive avatar coins regularly again. Thanks for your patience.
For other problem, I would suggest you to try with another browser and check if that might help. After switching to Windows 10, Microsoft Edge becomes default browser and it could be that some options doesn’t work properly on Explorer.

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