I have been using the android application during September and I really enjoyed It, but today Its giving me problems. At the beginning did not load (no courses appeared), so I logged out and I try again, but still did not work.
I deleted the application and installed again (3.1.2) Now is working but every time I check a yellow word and I come back to the text (with out editing the hint) is going to the beginning of the text , that makes the reading really painful because I need to go back and forth every time.

I think you are doing a great work with the new application, It works and looks better than before, but still I find It not completely reliable, to much crashes and small dysfunctions.


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the app. There is an issue in the existing version that may cause slowness when working through longer lessons. This will be fixed in the new version, and we should have the new version ready hopefully early next week.

It’s difficult to produce something that is entirely free of issues, since there are so many different Android devices out there and plenty of different ways of using the app. That being said, we’re continuing to work on improving the app and the next version will include some new features that should hopefully make things even better :slight_smile:

Keep an eye out for the new version which should be arriving soon!

Thanks , I apreciate your answer!