Problem with accepting a conversation request at an alternative time

I have just received a request for a conversation. After suggesting an alternative time, the student accepted it. Now I cannot accept this new request when I click on “Reply”. Could this be a bug? In the original request I had the options “Accept” or “Decline” and Suggest alternative time. Now there is no such option.

@alleray - It sounds like it’s actually working properly. When you suggest an alternate time, the system automatically assumes you are OK with this time and just waits on approval from the student. If the student accepts the new time then the conversation is booked. Do you see the conversation at the top of your Speak page?

Yes, I can see it there. It seems to be the student who should reply. I had assumed this ‘Reply’ was addressed to me. So far the conversation doesn’t show up in the list of conversations below. Thank you!

@alleray - Very strange. Would you be able to take a screenshot and email it to support (at) so we can take a closer look into this?

SAme here, the conversation (which presumably both sides have agreed to, so it should be golden) doesn’t show up in my list of conversations.