Problem with a French lesson

Thanks for the explanation and all your efforts Marianne. You are surely a great person and a great tutor!

Thanks a lot YLearner. You know, I do my best but I know I’m not unerring too :slight_smile: So, if French learners, or any person, can make me think about something that I hasn’t before or help me to improve in any way, it is a good thing!
One of my goal is to help others learning my native language. It is a pleasure if I can help you :slight_smile: – By the way, I hope to speak with you one day or another :slight_smile:

I’m always willing to improve and to help other the best as I can…
LingQ is a great community where we can all interact with the others wonderfully.

I proofread wherever it was necessary the items:
Eating out- Greetings and goodbyes- Who is she

Suzanne, I don’t remember where you wrote on the forum that the audio was not complete in the item : la Sologne (podcastfranç So I would like to let you know here, and everyone interested, that I just downloaded the complete recording.

All the best :slight_smile:

Merci bien!