Problem upgrading my suscription

I’m a long time lingq’s learner but since a few months i’m unable to buy a monthly premium subscription. a message appears saying “your card has been declined , contact your bank…” , i did so and they said there was nothing wrong with my visa card. i’m now looking for a new site where i could learn… however i’d prefer finding a solution because i really like lingq and i’m used to it. I’d be glad if someone could tell me what to do. thanks a lot

I had the excactly same problem what you are describing above. Contacted lingq support they told me it’s my card fault which is weird because I had used the same card for months without any problem until the error message showed up. Everytime I tried to update to premium ( one dollar was withdrawed from my bank account everytime I did click on the update button). The bank told me there is nothing wrong with my card (which is more probable). So at last I did ask a friend if I could try his card and then it worked fine.

Hi pascal30,
I checked your account and I can only confirm that all your payment attempts were rejected because your bank has declined your card. I suggest you to contact your bank again and ask for explanation why your payment attempts were rejected.
I am really sorry to hear that you are not able to upgrade, but our payment system works perfectly fine at the moment. I am here if I can do anything to help!

that’s weird… nevertheless thank you very much for looking into it.